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Tomorrow Project

Welcome to the Tomorrow Project


1 in 2 Albertans will get cancer and 1 in 4 will die from it. Being part of the Tomorrow Project now is a chance to make a difference in the future.

Designed to discover more about what causes cancer, the Tomorrow Project is the largest research study ever undertaken in Alberta. The Tomorrow Project will look for connections between cancer and lifestyle, environment and inherited (genetic) factors.

We need 50,000 Albertans between the ages of 35-69, who have never had cancer to join this study. To join, we need you to answer questions about health and lifestyle and consider visiting a Study Centre to have body measurements, urine and blood or saliva samples collected.

Every person can make a difference in finding out why some people get cancer and others do not.

"Other large, long-term studies have taught us that high cholesterol and high blood pressure were risk factors for heart disease and stroke. We now monitor and treat people for those conditions, meaning that fewer people die prematurely. If we can do the same for cancer, the benefit from the Tomorrow Project is likely to be immense." – says Dr. Paula Robson, principal investigator for the Tomorrow Project.